You went to watch a movie with your friends . Write a diary entry ..

You went to watch a movie with your friends . Write a diary entry..

20 January 2019
11:00 PM

Dear Diary,
       Today was a holiday of my college. So , I decided to go a Cinema hall to see a movie 'URI' . I called a one of my friend to accompany me to watch the movie. She was ready to go with me then, she met me outside the cinema hall because movie tickets were with me after that , we went inside the cinema hall for the first time, we saw a movie in a Cinema hall . In the interval we buy a popcorn then , we enter in cinema hall . In the cinema hall we were so excited for watching the movie 'URI' . We enjoyed to see the movie. In the emotional scene my friend even started crying . My eye focused on her expression at that time because she was changing her expression according to every scene and situation but I remain neutral in the movie. In the fighting scene my friend expression like exciting she fall all the popcorn on the ground. After finishing the movie we …

21 December in my dream

In my dream

                              I seen in my dream one girl which name is kitty live with her family . Family was not good they are wanted of their village . Every one respect in the from of him because of fear . Kitty study in class 5 and his father want to get married with the her friend which age is 40 year and kitty didn't want to marriage him , she wants to study. So in night she left her home because of pressure.          Kitty do not have any Idea of outer world. Kitty walk mile and  mile she is so afraid and tired because she walk about 5 hour continue. Kitty go police station for FIR against her family and police in the favour of her family because family is wanted.             She came in Faridabad and 5 days and night  stand in Street. After 5 Days 1 person helped the kitty to a part  of  NGO child. So NGO mother is care of kitty and she start study in school. 

Me and my bestie            After the school I meet the kitty in DU and she is good girl in behavio…

Neolithic period _ pre -history ___ According to India

Sites Mostly in North India-: Mehrgarh, Baluchistan, Burzahom, Chechar. Time period 4,000 - 2,000 Industry Flint only ( New stone) • heavy tools   - Pebbles • Small tools   - Arrow, triangles, Points • Blades - knife, talwar Phases • Evolution of 🔥fire, wheels ⭕, agriculture ☘️🌿🌾🌳, and domestication of animals 🐄🐎🐑. • Use of plough in agriculture. Pottery • Pottery is properly made by wheel ⭕ turned and burning in 🔥 fire . Eg -: Thali , glasses. • Making of Jewellery by the stones and bones. • Making of clothes by the animal skin. Flora Apple, mangoes, barley, wheat, barley, cereal. Fauna Cattles, goat,sheep, cow, dog. Cremation • Cis burial Death body cover by the box and buried under the floor. • Pit burial Dead person or animal, sometimes with object into the ground. Believe in the life after death. • Urn burial Dead body burned and bowl of ashes burial .
Special feature • Life became stable by the agriculture ☘️. • Start of the social organisation. Living Living in pits ( …

Mesolithic period/microliths age - Pre history

This period found in only India not in other country.
This period has a tiny ( small)  tools so that is microliths period also.
•Time period 8,000 - 4,000 •Site Mostly in central India-:  Bhimbetka - Madhya Pradesh, Azamgarh, Pachpadra, Panchmarhi, Pratapgarh, Mirzapur •Industry Flakes and Flint both ( new - old stone) Handle is made by flakes and in the points made by flint ➡️( in the rectangular ➖ , triangle shape ▶️)       eg -:  arrow head ,Triangle points, Javelins. •Phases  - Invention of fire🔥  - Invention of wheels⭕  - Start domestication of Animal 🐴🐮🐐  - Agriculture 🌳🌿☘️🌲 • Pottery After the invention of wheel⭕ and fire🔥pottery🍯🍶🏺is wheel turned and  burn in fire🔥. •Flora   Evidence of burn wheat🌾 Evidence of Barley and Bajra • Fauna  Dog, cow, buffalo, goat.  • Cremation  People buried (dfnana) there dead body under the floor north to south direction. • Special feature - Living in cave  ( Bhimbetka )  - Starting of Religion ( that is painting of hunting   seens…

Paleolithic period - Pre history in India

•Mostly this period found in South India Gulbarg,Hunsgi,Attiram Pakkam
•Time period 1,00,00 - 8,000 •Industry Flakes (old stone tools) •Human evolution  1) Dryopithecus - Sahara  2) Ramapithecus - Sivapithecus  3) Australopithecus - Africa  4) Homo Erectus - Africa, Europe,Java  5) Homo Species  6) Homo Sapience • Cultural ( Phases)  1) Lower _ handaxe and cleaver(Heavy tools) - Pebbles  2) Middle_Small, thinner,lighter- point, Javelin  3) Upper_ blade- knife,talwar(sword) • Pottery Potsherds ( a piece of broken mud pottery may be referred to as a shard) •Flora  Banana, coconut •Fauna  Dog (deer , Elephant) • Cremation  Dead body burned( burning system) • special feature  Biological evolution and cultural development in Paleolithic Period.
Hello friends,
        I am just starting a blog today (28/11/2018).
I hope I will do good blogging.